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Update: Twitter API/News Service error

I have found that the website is blowing the Twitter API limit. I am only allowed to make 70 requests in 60 minutes – I have 7 twitter feeds on the site, so once ten pages a viewed, even by just one person, I the News Service and my personal twitter feed show an error.

To remedy this, I have made a request to Twitter for the IP address of this site to be whitelisted. This means the site will be able to make 20000 requests instead of only 70 in an hour. If I get 2858 views in an hour, I will be pretty sure I’m having some sort of DDoS attack, which will be bad… That, or I will be very happy that my site has become that popular, though that is relatively unlikely.

Twitter may decline my whitelist request, in which case, I will try to bring the requests into one. I know this is doable, but it will screw with the look of the site – the six news streams will need to be underneath each other, not next to each other like they are now.


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