FIFA World Cup 2010

Well, its that time again – the greatest sporting event in the world. The Football World Cup is back. The opening ceremony was… underwhelming. The use of CGI with the virtual big screen was really impressive, but other than that, the only really impressive thing was the World Cup logo that all the people made up. Was trying to find a video of it, but couldn’t even find pictures…. Then we had game one. I lost $10 on it, because I backed Mexico to win… 1-1 draw. Apparently the next game, Uruguay v France was a 0-0 draw. Didn’t watch that one though.

So, I am really stoked for the World Cup. Who’s with me on that??

3 comments on “FIFA World Cup 2010

  1. I was stoked, but this world cup has been so.. boring. I think the opening ceremony was a signal of what was to come. Everyone is playing badly because they can just blame it on the ball. It’s ridiculous. Learn to use the ball. Yes, it does weird things, but surely those weird things are somewhat standard with that ball – the same weird things will happen with the same conditions. If you learn to use it, then you’ll be sweet. So stop complaining, watch some videos, and figure out what the thing does.

    • This world cup hasn’t been the most watchable football. And I agree that blaming mistakes on the ball is silly. But I don’t agree that all the teams are just playing poorly. There are some teams doing quite well. New Zealand, the Netherlands and Germany are three teams who are playing at or above expectations. Okay, countries like England are playing very badly, but I think that’s the exception, not the rule.

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