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@2degreesmobile vs @TelecomNZ vs @vodafoneNZ

So, my last post on mobile providers resulted in a response from @2degreesmobile. Let’s see if we can get a reply from all three, now we have all three in the post.

I meant to do this post a while ago, when @2degreesmobile came out with their text package and data package. That’s what this post is about. I will look at the three overall too though, and I am just going to use numbers. Too much analysis of mobile providers is done with emotion involved, and I think its about time we stopped that and gave people the information they really want.

When calculating the worth of bundles, I have used the cheapest non-bundle price. For same network texts, this is @2degreesmobile with their 2 cents price for same network texts. I accept that this price is only when you have magic topup, but they can obviously afford to offer that while making a profit. @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ will definitely be able to afford this, as they do have a larger clientele, so you can assume they have economies of scale (ignoring natural monopolies etc). For off network texts, I am using 9 cents, as this is offered by @2degreesmobile compared with @vodafoneNZ’s cheapest price of 11c and @TelecomNZ’s cheapest which is 20c. For data, I am using 50c/MB, which is offered by @2degreesmobile, compared with $1/MB from both @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ.

Let’s start with text packages. @2degreesmobile has 500 any network texts for $10. The value of this, using the above rates, is $45. @vodafoneNZ has 2000 same network texts for $10, which has a value of $40. @TelecomNZ has 150 any network texts for $6, which has a value of $13.50. @TelecomNZ is also offering a limited time offer of 2500 any network texts for $12. This would be worth $225, however as it is a limited time offer, I am not going to take this into account. @2degreesmobile gives you 450% more value than what you pay, @vodafoneNZ gives you 400% more value than what you pay, and @TelecomNZ gives you 225% more value than what you pay. 2 points to @2degreesmobile, 1 point to @vodafoneNZ, 0 points to @TelecomNZ.

Now to data plans. @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ both offer daily text bundles. These are good for low to mid level users, so I’ll give a point to both @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ for that. When it comes to data bundles, @2degreesmobile has 50MB for $6, which has a value of $25. @vodafoneNZ offers 100MB for $10, or 512MB for $30,  which have a value of $50 and $256 respectively. @TelecomNZ offers 20MB for $6, 120MB for $12 or 240MB for $18, which have a value of $10, $60 and $120 respectively. @2degreesmobile’s bundle gives you 416.67% more value than you pay. @vodafoneNZ’s bundles give you 500% and 853.33% more value than you pay. @TelecomNZ’s bundles give you 166.67%, 500% and 666.67% more value than you pay. I’m giving 5 points to @vodafoneNZ for their 512MB bundle, 4 points to @vodafoneNZ for their 100MB bundle, 4 points to @TelecomNZ for their 240MB bundle, 2 points to @TelecomNZ for their 120MB bundle and 1 point to @2degreesmobile for their bundle.

This brings the scores to @vodafoneNZ on 11, @TelecomNZ on 7 and @2degreesmobile on 3. However, its not over yet.

The most important thing for a mobile provider is what they offer their customers if they don’t go into a bundle, or when they use up that bundle. For texts, @2degreesmobile offers 9c for any network texts, @vodafoneNZ offers 11c for any network texts, and @TelecomNZ offers 20c for any network texts. The only problem with @vodafoneNZ’s offer is that this is only on a specific plan that does not allow for bundles. If you want bundles, you need to pay 20c for any network texts. I am giving @2degreesmobile 10 points for being the cheapest and @vodafoneNZ 5 points for being the second cheapest, but taking half away for it being on a separate plan that doesn’t allow for bundles. @TelecomNZ will get 1 point for being last equal with @vodafoneNZ if you want bundles – 1 point to @vodafoneNZ for that too.

So, new tally – @vodafoneNZ is on 14.5 points, @2degreesmobile is on 13 points and @TelecomNZ is on 8 points.

Now, the cost for calls. @2degreesmobile offers 44c per minute for a large number of countries. @vodafoneNZ offers 49c per minute on their plan without bundles, or 89c on Supa Prepay. @TelecomNZ offers 89c per minute. Once again, @2degreesmobile is the cheapest, giving them 10 points. @vodafoneNZ is the second cheapest, giving them 5 points, but for the same reasons, they lose half of them. @TelecomNZ gets 1 point for being equal most expensive with @vodafoneNZ who also gets 1 point.

Tally before the final issue – @2degreesmobile is on 23 points, @vodafoneNZ is on 18 points and @TelecomNZ is on 9 points.

The final issue is data rates. These are less important, as proportionately fewer people use mobile data. @2degreesmobile offers 50c/MB. @vodafoneNZ offers $1/MB after use your daily 10MB for $1 allocation, as does @TelecomNZ. I already gave points to @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ for their $1 a day for 10MB. So @2degreesmobile was the cheapest – 5 points for that. @vodafoneNZ and @TelecomNZ came in equal second – 2 points each.

Final score: @2degreesmobile – 28, @vodafoneNZ  – 20, @TelecomNZ  – 11.

So from looking at price alone, @2degreesmobile is the best mobile provider for New Zealanders. We do need to remember that right now they only have a 2.5G network accessable to the public, however their 3G network is coming this year, so I didn’t take points away for that.


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