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Euthanasia Debate (Age Concern Waikato, 23/05/2010)

Today there was a debate at Ace Concern Waikato, which was run by pro-Euthanasia group, Dignity New Zealand. This debate moot “This House would legalise Voluntary Euthanasia”. We had Garry Mallett (former President – ACT Party) in the first affirmative, David Bennett (Member of Parliament – Hamilton East) in the first negative, Lesley Martin (founder – Dignity New Zealand) in the second affirmative and leader of the affirmative, Cameron Harper (Competitions Officer – University of Waikato Debating Society) in the second negative and leader of the negative, Don Sandford (Financial Trustee – Dignity New Zealand) in the third affirmative, and Andrew Hong (Vice-President – University of Waikato Debating Society) in the third negative.

Overall, the negating team won the debate, however the debate brought forward a lot of thought. I did think was quite ironic that the negating team won, considering it was effectively run by the affirming team. But it was an impressive debate from both sides.

My opinion, in terms of Euthanasia is the same as my opinion in terms of the legalisation of marijuana, or any other illegal substance or act for that matter – get more than 60% of people to agree with you, and I’ll support it. I don’t think legalisation of Voluntary Euthanasia does have that level of support, so therefore I do not support any repeal of that law. Even if the law was to change, I would never want that to happen to me, and would never, ever do it to someone else. Whether the law agrees with this or not – taking another person’s life is still taking another person’s life, and that is morally abhorrent. Lesley Martin was convicted of attempted murder. While I feel, having met her today, that she is quite a nice person, she did attempt an act which had the intent to kill, therefore she was guilty of attempted murder.


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