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@vodafoneNZ's Simply Prepay vs @2degreesmobile

Today, @vodafoneNZ has announced a few things. The first of these is a new prepaid plan: Simple Prepay. I feel that it is almost certain that they are trying to compete with @2degreesmobile. And I feel they are not doing it very successfully. Let’s have a look at why.

Firstly, Simply Prepay gives you 49c/min calling to any NZ mobile or landline. This is 5c/min more expensive than @2degreesmobile. Also, @2degreesmobile gives  you access to many countries (I think it’s 50?) for that amount, while @vodafoneNZ only wants to give you New Zealand. If you take into account @2degreesmobile Magic Topup, Simply Prepay is extremely expensive. This gives 22c/min calling rates – A whole 27c/min cheaper than Simply Prepay. I think this is definitely point to @2degreesmobile. In fact, I think an extra half point to @2degreesmobile as well, because they win with Magic Topup too, though it isn’t to all mobiles. 1.5-0.

Secondly, Simply Prepay gives you 12c texts. @2degreesmobile gives you 9c texts, or 2c texts with Magic Topup. There is no need to evaluate this. @2degreesmobile wins. Another point to them, and another half point for Magic Topup, as the 2c is only to @2degreesmobile. 3-0 to @2degreesmobile.

Thirdly, Simply Prepay allows you to topup any way, but you get charged $1 for using recharge vouchers. @2degreesmobile allows a lot of topup methods, including recharge voucher, without making you pay. So point to @2degreesmobile. However, @vodafoneNZ allows you to topup straight from your bank account with Hotlink, and to topup from ATMs. That gives a point to @vodafoneNZ for this one. 4-1.

Lastly, Simply Prepay is free to join, but if you decide you don’t like it, you have to pay $5 to move back to their more popular plan, Supa Prepay. I feel you are pretty likely to not like it, so I think this is definitely point to @2degreesmobile, just because they are so much more open and honest. They don’t have plans, they have one price. That’s the truly simple prepaid mobile. I think @vodafoneNZ has got it wrong calling it Simply Prepay.

Final score, 5-1 to @2degreesmobile. While I won’t be getting rid of my @vodafoneNZ phone over it, I still will move away when people will actually contact me on my @2degreesmobile. (They won’t because it costs them, while it doesn’t to text 021, as they have @vodafoneNZ TXT2000)


One comment on “@vodafoneNZ's Simply Prepay vs @2degreesmobile

  1. There has been comment from @2degreesmobile about this post via Twitter.

    “nice post Daniel. However, don’t forget Auto Top Up http://bit.ly/6yhb9y it’s the easiest way to top up! 6-0?????”

    I will give @2degreesmobile a point for Auto Top Up, however, I will not take away the @vodafoneNZ point for Hotlink. I find that Hotlink is a brilliant way to top up.

    Adjusted score – 6-1 to @2degreesmobile.

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