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Times of Recentness | eMUN | @UNYANZ UNIMUN 2010

Well, I haven’t really had a busy few weeks, so I thought it was about time I made a blog post. Assignments have been… plentiful. I wouldn’t even dream to say that’s a good thing. It’s been a bitch of a thing, but it feels good that they are pretty much done for this semester, except for one that is due the first week of exams, or maybe its the week of study break. I’m not exactly stressing about the fact I have my first University exams in just over a month, because I am only doing two this semester, and they shouldn’t be too difficult (fingers crossed…) – ACCT101 and ECON100.

I mentioned eMUN last month, and I thought I would say that after the web host I am using had a bit of trouble with a DDoS attack (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDoS). Now that’s been sorted, the main site is up-and-running. You can visit it at www.emun.co.cc.

Saturday was @UNYANZ Auckland Regional Universities Model United Nations, or UNIMUN. As @UNYANZ has four regions (Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Dunedin), University of Waikato students have to go to Auckland’s events. This meant going up to Auckland for the weekend, which was cool, and having a lot of fun with a lot of awesome people. And I mean a lot too – it was New Zealand’s largest tertiary Model UN since AMUNC (Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference) in 2007. It was an amazing day, and Wilson Chau (Co-ordinator of the conference) did an awesome job. I know I have said that on Twitter and Facebook a few times, but I really can’t say it enough – he ran an awesome conference.


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