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Official Statement: New 'Buzz' feature

The administrators of Daniel-Farrell.com are proud to announce that all Daniel-Farrell.com pages and posts are now fully integrated with several social media outlets. With the addition of the ‘Buzz’ feature, the total of social media sources integrated comes to three.


Daniel-Farrell.com has full integration with Twitter, both being able to post tweets of pages and posts with the ‘Tweet this’ feature by TweetMeme, and having full @Anywhere integration. This gives Daniel-Farrell.com users the ability to connect with their followers about Daniel-Farrell.com, connect with Twitter users mentioned on Daniel-Farrell.com, and connect other users with Twitter users, by mentioning their username with the @ reply technique in comments. We also have all posts made by @danielfarrellnz tweeted straight to his Twitter automatically. This means followers of @danielfarrellnz get up-to-date information all the time.


With Facebook’s F8 announcements came the extension of Facebook’s ‘like’. This changed the fan pages to pages which are liked, but also allowed external links to be liked, in a similar may to Twitter’s @Anywhere, except slightly backwards. Daniel-Farrell.com is completely integrated with this system, allowing users to click Like down the bottom of any page or post. This will appear on their Facebook profile in the same way it would if they liked a page. This helps Daniel-Farrell.com users connect with their friends and family about Daniel-Farrell.com. We are currently looking at the most efficient way to allow Daniel-Farrell.com users to post status updates on Facebook about Daniel-Farrell.com pages and posts. While this used to be available for our users, we removed this feature, as it was causing some problems.

Google Buzz

As of now, Daniel-Farrell.com is integrated with Google Buzz. Users can buzz their contacts in Gmail about all of Daniel-Farrell.com’s posts and pages. This helps users connect with their friends and family about Daniel-Farrell.com. There is no plans to expand this service by Daniel-Farrell.com, partially because there is little else we can achieve with Google Buzz, but also because Google Buzz does not have a largely public interface. We like our posts and pages being publicly mentioned and critiqued, so we can improve, or thank users for compliments. With Google Buzz, this is very difficult.

Social media is an area that has a lot of potential, and Daniel-Farrell.com is proud to be a part of this.

Daniel-Farrell.com, Daniel Farrell, and any other associations to Daniel-Farrell.com, do not necessarily have a relationship with Facebook, Google or Twitter due to any features or comments in this post. Facebook, Google and Twitter do not in any way endorse Daniel-Farrell.com, nor does Daniel-Farrell.com endorse Facebook, Google or Twitter.


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