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Kingitanga Day | Tests | @UNYANZ UNIMUN

Well, yesterday was Kingitanga Day. Apparantly, that’s the birthday of the Maori King (the Kingitanga in Maori, hence the name). Being a non-Maori, all this really meant for me was the day off. This meant yesterday was a great day to do the shopping. Now I have food for those midnight snacks. Yesterday, life was epic win. It was epic, epic win. Plus there was a Debating Society meeting, which I got lost going to. This is why I love Google Maps for Mobile. I heart you Google.

So, just thought I’d make it known, I have two tests today. I am not happy because of this. So if I seem a bit uptight on Twitter or something, that would be why. Two tests is not fun. Add to that, one of them is at 7pm. Me thinks town is unavoidable tonight. Me needs to celebrate the end of a day that will not be fun.

One last thing, a bit of advertising for @UNYANZ. UNIMUN is the Auckland Universities Model United Nations. It’s open to anyone attending a University in the UNYANZ Auckland Region (from Northland to Taupo). I will definitely be there. So find a fellow delegate, and email auckland.uni@unyanz.co.nz for a registration form! JUST DO IT!!


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