Gmail Labs Nested Labels

Google has once again come up with a great idea. They seem to be very good at that. Gmail Labs, the beta testing area of Gmail, now has what is called Nested Labels. Nested Labels are, without doubt, one of the most useful features in Gmail if you have a lot of labels.

Personally, I used to have over 3000 unread emails in my Gmail inbox, because I used my Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook. Then I started using Gmail online, and it got annoying having that many unread emails, so I went through and sorted them into labels, then archived them. This took several days, as there were about 1000 other emails which I had read, giving my inbox 4000+ messages. But what that left me with was 60 labels. And trying to find emails you want when they are sorted into 60 categories is a pain. In fact, since then I have added more labels, so I had 76 labels when I found out about Nested Labels. This is what makes Nested Labels so useful for me.

What Nested Labels does is allow you to use labels like folders on your computer. You can put layers of them in. If you wanted, for example, to have a label called Social Networking, then a label underneath that called Facebook, you would create “Social Networking” and “Social Networking/Facebook”. This would mean that you have Social Networking with a + next to it, and if you click on the +, Facebook appears. Obviously you would then create “Social Networking/Twitter” and “Social Networking/MySpace” and what ever else you use. This can be done by renaming labels you already have.

One problem that you need to know about before you start using Nested Labels, is that the labels need to be visible. If they are hidden, it will not work. What I did to combat this is create a label called “Labels” then have all my labels nested below that.


2 comments on “Gmail Labs Nested Labels

  1. Great, I never knew this, thanks.

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