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Just thought I’d make a quick post about this. I am currently in the process of setting up a website for a business interest – eMUN (eModel United Nations). It will be an online version of a Model United Nations. All I need now is the website to be developed, and delegates to come. I tried to do this a couple years ago with a good friend of mine, under the business name Lamda Corp (NZ). That failed, mostly because of mistakes I made. Looking back at the plan of how I was going to work it, it wouldn’t have been entirely successful anyway. However, now I have run through absolutely everything, and I am ready to run eMUN. I’m going solo this time. We made a profit last time simply because of a technicality. This time, I don’t want someone else tied into this, because I don’t know how well this will work – its all dependant on the uptake. I will put a link up on here when everything is ready. I am looking at, with everything going well, having the first run in late 2010/early 2011. I also intend on making it entirely affordable, because I am going to be running it entirely on open source software and free hosting. That means I can charge an affordable price without making a loss (it is a business, and I am using a profit model, rather than a growth model).


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