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Blues vs Stormers (+ @vodafonetreats) | @NewstalkZB vs @nzherald vs @BreakingNews vs @cnnbrk | NZ Breakers

Blues vs Stormers game sucked. I’m gonna come right out and say it. They sold out and so we didn’t get in. Now I really wish @VodafoneTreats had given me one of those double passes =P. But still, I had an awesome night with Liam and Cath. Great night, with damn good ice cream from that place by the ferry terminal. *licks lips thinking about it*

I made a tweet a little while ago about @NewstalkZB. I follow them, as well as @nzherald, @BreakingNews and @cnnbrk because I like to know what’s going on in the world. But the tweets by @NewstalkZB annoy me. It’s not made for Twitter. It’s made for their website. But what that means is you don’t get the information you need out of the tweets. @nzherald only does the article title, but their titles are often more descriptive, so I know what’s going on. The people who do it really well are @BreakingNews (msnbc Breaking News) and @cnnbrk (CNN Breaking News). They actually tweet the news, rather than tweet their website. Yeah, they have links to their site, but they have less than 140 characters telling you what’s going on. This means you know exactly what’s happening. New Zealand news sites need to do this. The other problem with @Newstalk ZB is the fact their tweets are always exactly 140 characters. This means I can’t retweet funny/interesting/useful articles without editing their stuff or writing it myself. If someone was to hire a Social Media Manager, they would end up with useable tweets.

And just finally, I thought I’d say the NZ Breakers have made an excellent choice in bringing back Mike Vukona. Looking forward to the 2010/11 season in 5 months time!! 2010/11 is ours!! Just saying.


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