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@2degreesmobile prices | @vodafonenz advertising | @UNYANZ NZMUN

For those who don’t know, @2degreesmobile is 2degrees, NZ’s newest, and cheapest (on average for prepaid customers) mobile network. @vodafonenz is Vodafone New Zealand, one of NZ’s older mobile networks. @UNYANZ is the United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand, the youth arm of the United Nations Association of New Zealand.

I am a huge fan of 2degrees, and I think what they are doing for New Zealand’s mobile market is amazing, but I think that their new price for texts is somewhat pointless, and their new prices in general are a bit hypocritical. They are complaining about other mobile networks charging more for communicating with other networks, then they charge 2c for same network texts and 22c/min for same network calls. Having said that, their 2c per text is only with their magic topup, but with magic topup you get free texts. If you have free texts, you aren’t going to be using 2c texts, surely. Either way, I still think what 2degrees is doing is amazing.

Vodafone’s response to 2degrees isn’t amazing. They have been putting out ads in newspapers saying “for my 2 cents I get 4 texts”, and even though its in the same context as 2degrees’ 2c texts, they could be more specific about the fact it is for same network texts only. It’s not false advertising, but I don’t think its ethical.

Now to a lighter, but probably more important note, its time for NZ High School students to apply for NZMUN. It’s going to be in Wellington July 3rd-6th, and will be the best experience of your life. Check out http://www.unyanz.co.nz for more details. Hopefully I will be there as a Conference Assistant, because last year it was the most amazing experience of my life.


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