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Week 4 | Model UN | WUDS

So, there ends the fourth week. Other than having a terrible day yesterday, its been all good. Yesterday was… Urgh! It started with waking up 5 minutes before a lecture. Then there was 4 hours of lectures. Then there was a 1 hour meeting that ended up taking 3 hours. Then there was a 1 hour tutorial. Then there was 2 hours of “formal dinner”. So my day was a whole 10 hours without break. I really hurt after that. I also was dehydrated as hell. I don’t think I have felt worse than I did that day.

It’s Model UN season once again. Starting with the UNYANZ Auckland High Schools Model UN, which I am a secretary at. Seriously looking forward to that this weekend. The first time I have been on that side of the Model UN, so it will be a great experience. It will also help with my role as Model UN officer of Waikato University Debating Society.

All is going well with the debating society. We’re planning the opening session, which will hopefully have a debate between Law lecturers and WUDS executive. Really looking forward to that.

A week until Easter. Just saying =P


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