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Week 3 | @vodafonenz | @vodafonetreats

Like the blog about Paramore, this blog’s title includes @vodafonenz and @vodafonetreats because I want to tweet to @ reply those accounts. That’s because those sections are about those twitter accounts.

Week 3 has been interesting. Definitely a couple bad days, and today has been terrible, but there has been good things there too. Saint Patrick’s Day was the best day I have had since I arrived in Hamilton by far. Yes, I felt sad, this being the first year I hadn’t been doing Irish Dancing on Saint Paddys Day, which didn’t feel right, but the other than that, the actual day was amazing. Firstly, I was appointed one of the Model UN officers of the Waikato University Debating Club. This makes me on their founding executive, as the club has existed for a whole three weeks. Secondly, I received $20 free mobile credit from @vodafonetreats, which I will talk about later on. The third thing is the amazing night I had. I don’t think it could have been any better. $4 woodies at Pie Lab and $4 diesel at Outback made it an awesome night. The biggest downer to the week is I have a bad cold today, and it hurts… Still, on average, a 4 star week.

I just have a bit of advice for anyone on Vodafone New Zealand for any service. Get Twitter and follow @VodafoneNZ. If you have any problems, the guy who does that account always does his best to help you out. That guy is the one good part of Vodafone’s Customer Service. And I’m pretty sure they are in NZ too. Having said ‘guy’, I actually don’t know whether the person is male or female, but it doesn’t matter, because the person is awesome.

And finally, @VodafoneTreats. Once again, if you are on Vodafone New Zealand, get on twitter and tweet at this guy/gal. Ask them for something, and you may just get it. I asked for $20 credit (and have since been told by mates I should have asked for more haha) on St. Patrick’s Day, and I got it! Great for students like me, who don’t have enough money after going out money =P


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