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How To: Use Google to manage your time

Just from the title, most people will be asking, “How does searching the internet help me mange my time?” Well, my friends, you have forgotten the beauty of Google. They haven’t been just a search engine for a while. Their free ‘cloud’ services are extremely powerful, if you know what you are doing with them. In case you don’t know, the ‘cloud’ was in reference to cloud computing – where the data you are using is not stored on your computer, but rather an internet server run by the service provider, in this case, Google.

While Gmail (Google Mail for those of you in the UK, due to a court case) is definitely one of Google’s most innovative ideas, at the time, Google Calendar is their most useful. The reason for this is their reminders. Not only can you have a popup like you get with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Calendar, but you can get them to email you reminders, and even more useful, text (SMS) reminders. This is definitely a useful feature, because you can set up all your meetings and get them texted to you. You can make as many calendars as you need, and share the appropriate ones with the appropriate people. For example, I have two calendars, one for my lectures and when I’m going back up to Auckland, and another with when meal times are, vacuuming is, linen exchange and things like that. I get both texted to me, but the first one I share with my parents, because they need to organise stuff like helping me get back to Auckland, the other one, I don’t bother sharing, because noone else needs to know.

I find this really useful, because I can be really bad at time management. It has saved my arse a few times, and its all free. Why wouldn’t you? Even if you are good at time management, everyone forgets things sometimes. Log in to http://calendar.google.com with your Google account (if you don’t have one, make one. It is one of the best things you will ever do) and put in your meetings, lectures, classes, piss ups, whatever you are doing, and get it sent to you. It will be one of the best things you could do.


One comment on “How To: Use Google to manage your time

  1. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing much more.

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