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Job Search (Student Job Search fail) | Week 2 | Thanks 7up

So, I started an account at Student Job Search (www.sjs.co.nz)… It is absolutely useless to me… Any jobs I could do want “experience” and any others I couldn’t do… Why do they go to Student Job Search for experience?? Seriously, do they have mental defects or something? People on Student Job Search are often looking for their first job, not their tenth. How can someone looking for their first job have experience??? It actually annoys me… The other problem I had is I don’t have a full license. Jobs that didn’t require driving did say “must have a full license and own transport”… Are you kidding?? I can catch a freaking bus, so there’s my transport, and how is a full license going to make me any better at looking after Primary School kids after school on a Friday?? ARGHHHH

Week 2 at university has been pretty good. The lectures are still pretty good. Even Economics isn’t as bad as it was, even though its not that much more advanced than it was… At least it touches level 3 at times. I still have to catch up with some of the readings, but I’ll get there. I know I said the readings are crap, but really, if you look at the amount of good that is going on here, I am really stoked to be honest – readings aren’t that bad when you look at it like that. They are a necessary evil so that I can have a heck of a lot of fun when I’m not doing that. Going out is fun, almost all the people are cool as… The only demon is the readings, and that’s not so bad.

Today, I bought a bottle of 7up. I was about the throw away the bottle when I looked at it… “Instant Free Track” so I had a read. It said free music track with this bottle, so I was stoked, and went on the site. Then, on the site, it said “you now get two tracks with each code”, so I was just completely and utterly stoked!! I could go into intense economics here, but I really can’t be bothered – I did on Facebook for those of you who are friends with me on FB lol.


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