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Week 1 | @Paramore

Well, I meant to do this post earlier, but I didn’t get around to it. Also, the ‘@Paramore’ part of the title is simply for the Twitter update so the tweet will tag the Paramore twitter.

Week one of University is over, and it has shown me that I have made the right decision leaving Auckland for uni. I haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t been really helpful and really nice. The lectures weren’t too bad either. Food has been really bad sometimes, really good other times, so I guess it sort of averages out……

Paramore was two nights ago now, but it was amazing. Of course, Hayley Williams was amazing. The amazing thing is they sounded as if it was played off a CD… They played perfectly (or were very good at covering mistakes). There was something at Paramore that really restored my faith in humanity and all that. People were actually looking out for each other. If someone looked like they were going to pass out, they checked if they were okay. If someone needed to get out, they lifted them out of the crowd toward security. Not what I expected, when I know there have been cases where people have been killed because they collapsed, the people around them didn’t notice, and other people ended up walking all over them… I know that’s an extreme, but seeing that it is the exception and not the rule really restored my faith in people in New Zealand. Or rather people in Auckland, because my experience is that most people around the country are really plesant and helpful, but people from Auckland generally find it almost impossible. I am likely to openly say ‘YES! I am an Aucklander, and proud of it!’.

Also, about Paramore, I have to acknowledge @delinquentcore on Twitter. She was obsessive about getting #NZLOVESPARAMORE trending on Twitter, and while she wasn’t successful, she showed Paramore that it is true, and in my opinion, it is true. I know that noone from Paramore will read this, but if you do decide to check out the link that’s been @replied to you, please PLEASE come back soon. Don’t let it be another five years. Thursday was the greatest night I have had in a long time. I would say greater than when I went to NZMUN, which was almost a week of awesomeness. Come back soon, and maybe leave a comment so I know you came by?? Or an @reply or DM on Twitter so I know its not someone being a dick??


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