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University | Paramore | O-week

The academic year has officially started and things seem to be going quite well. Right now, I’m sitting in a lecture having a break (it’s a two hour lecture, and they have breaks in the middle). I don’t know whether I am surprised or not that I seem to be finding the lectures really quite interesting. It is why I decided to take Law, but I thought the lectures would bore me to tears.

It’s only a few days until Paramore, which is gonna rock. I have said it before, but Hayley Williams is the greatest vocal find of the last 10 years.

O-week is pretty sweet. Went to foam party at the Outback last night, though it is most likely that it will be the only night I go out this week. I don’t really have the money to go out any more. Gonna see if I can get some free stuff from the o week stalls later on.


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