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I know its been a while since I last posted here – just been a little bit busy. Today, I am leaving Auckland for Waikato University. Having said that, I will be back on Thursday 4th for Paramore, then back again on Wednesday 10th for Swine Flu Vacination. Then I will be staying down there until either Saturday 27th March (that’s when Auckland High Schools Model UN is, which I hope to be helping with) or Easter, a week later than that. I was a bit annoyed when I re-read something to find out you actually get no internet for free down at Waikato, but then I was made happy again – its only $0.015/MB, which comes to about $15.36/GB – this is really good, considering you would usually pay about $30-$50 a month for a 1GB plan.

I have some good news on the podcast front. I recorded the first episode on Friday, and will upload it down in Hamilton today (the motel for tomorrow has free wireless =D ). It’s a few seconds under 40 minutes, and it is all politics. I hope to put some other stuff in there eventually, but it was all topical stuff and I thought that 40 minutes was long enough.

NZ got kicked out of the ANBL a couple weeks ago, and tat means I won’t be going to any more games until September. Having said that, it might not be until November, depending on university. I am backing the Hawks for the title now the Breakers are out, but I won’t be following with too much interest now to be honest.

And finally, I have decided to support the Waikato Pistons in the NZNBL for this year. Gotta find out when the season is, and where they play their games, but all that won’t be too difficult. I might look at seeing if they need volunteers too, so I can be a Breakers and Pistons volunteer, but that is something to decide later on.


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