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NZ Breakers 2009/10 – where it went wrong.

Now the Breakers season is over, its time for some reflection on what went wrong in what can only be described as a shocker of a season. I do believe the problem can be described in two words – Andre Lemanis. Don’t get me wrong, he has done wonders for the Breakers and taken them to the point where they were considered the team to beat and because of that, I would not be happy if he was given the boot for it.

There are really two events that shaped the season – Kirk Penney getting injured and all the imports throughout the year. Kirk Penney has been, along with CJ Bruton, one of the only people on the team who can consistently score big. Without his big scores, the Breakers strruggled. This lead to Tony Ronaldson (who we will definitely miss in 2010/11) in particular, but also Tom Abercrombie, stepping up and making sure we at least took the home games. This season has really given me a lot of respect for Tom Abercrombie. But the team couldn’t get the W when they were on the road – it wasn’t until round 7 that they got an away win, from memory. This lead to Storey and another guy (can’t remember the name right now) being imported. Said other import did not play well at all, and should have been dumped well before he was. Then came Kevin Braswell. He is looking at taking the role of top player in the Breakers from KP and if it was up to me, he would be named League MVP. But all the changes meant that the team wasn’t settled. This is where Andre Lemanis should have stepped in. Firstly, get rid of shitty imports quicker. Secondly, keep the team settled. The team know how to play basketball, so the job of the coach is to call plays, subs etc on game day, but out side of that, keep the team in the right frame of mind. Obviously that didn’t happened. If it had this season would have been entirely different.


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