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Well, today is the start of February – the month that I will be heading off to University. Only 22 days left in Auckland (not including today). I was, until this morning, a little more scared of losing contact with people than anything else. But this morning, I just started thinking, I wish February 23rd would hurry up and happen. Everything is almost ready – just need to send a couple more things in to Waikato, but when I’ve done that, I will be sorted. Right now, my timetable says I have nothing on Fridays during Semester A đŸ˜› – that will change when Tutorials are added to it though.

So, I’m supposed to be helping out with a Model UN at school at some point, but I haven’t really been told anything about what’s going on. If I don’t hear this week, I will probably just turn up there and ask what is happening in person. I am going to make sure that this happens though, even if I can’t be there, because I have been trying to make it happen for 3 years, and it WILL happen.

Wow, just realised that this post is about the old and the new of the same thing for me.


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