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University | Breakers | Paramore

So, I’m off to the University of Waikato (and I have been told that it’s said y-cut-or not y-cat-oh, though I sort of disagree…). On Monday I got a phone call from the School of Law saying I had been accepted in to a Bachelor of Management Studies conjoint with a Bachelor of Laws. The person asked if I accept or decline the offer. At the time, I couldn’t really give an answer, because I didn’t know if I had a place in the Halls of Residence, so I said I would get back to them. The advice was that I give them a call on Tuesday and sort it out. I decided to have a look at the online application page for the accommodation to see if there was any sort of sign as to why I hadn’t heard – it is a bit weird that they wouldn’t have contacted me with 4 weeks until the lectures start. When I looked, it said that I hadn’t sent in a form that, to my knowledge, I hadn’t been told to send in (having looked further into it now, it was a sort of footnote in an email sent a while ago). The form asked for a reference, so I gave them a call and asked if sending references I already had would be enough, or if I had to get someone to fill it in for me. As it turned out, they were good enough, so I faxed it to them, and waited. I was told that they would get back to me, but it is most likely it would take a few days. About an hour later, I got a phone call offering me a place in one of two halls (College Hall and I think the other was Bryant Hall). College Hall happens to be my first choice, so I obviously took that offer. Then I called back the School of Law and accepted the offer. That was fine, until I received a letter saying that my program hadn’t been accepted by the School of Law and I needed to sort out some things. Long story short, it was a letter that was sent with old information. Now I’m off to Hamilton on February 23rd.

The Breakers are looking good to get into the top four, with a  three game winning streak. They play Wollongong on Thursday at the North Shore Events Centre. All games are virtually do or die now, with only room for one more loss if they are to continue into the playoffs. Now I need to decide – do I want the Breakers in the playoffs, or do I want to be able to see the rest of their home games live… If they get through, I will miss their home games as I’ll be down in Hamilton.

Oh and one last thing… On Thursday…. IT’S ONE MONTH UNTIL PARAMORE AT TRUSTS STADIUM!!!! I am SERIOUSLY pumped for this. It will be the first thing I come back up to Auckland for, and it is SO worth it!


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