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Breakers | Browsers | University

The Breakers managed to end their four match game losing streak last night against the Adelaide 36ers. After a bad start to the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters, and a bad end to the 3rd, they managed to make my jump up and down and squeal like a little girl (not joking – one or two other volunteers can vouch for this xD). Kirk Penney managed to prove why he’s my hero with a massive 49 points, a personal best for the team. I am surprised that it wasn’t a league record. Penney also managed to make a record for the most points scored for the Breakers, previously 1800.

I thought its about time I can be two cents worth on the battle of the browsesrs. With over 50% of internet users on Mozilla Firefox, and around 5% on Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is no longer in such a dominant position. However, they still have about 40% of the market share. I believe it is about time people started supporting Open Source software more readily, and this includes browsers. Google Chrome, in my opinion, is the best web browser at the moment, though not hugely surpassing Mozilla Firefox. These two browsers have done amazing things for internet security, and the speed of your internet. Google Chrome is slick and simple, which means the browser isn’t using more of the memory and internet than your actual page. Do consider changing to Google Chrome. Now that there is extensions, there is no reason not to, though note that extensions only work in the beta version of Google Chrome at the moment. You can download Google Chrome from http://chrome.google.com and Mozilla Firefox from www.getfirefox.com. You won’t regret it.

It’s just over a month until Universities start back.. I still don’t know where I will be going. And I won’t know until I have heard from Waikato University. Their Law Admissions Committee is meeting today, so I should hear from them by Monday, but even then I won’t know where I am going… I need to talk to their accommodation people and see how likely it is that I get into accommodation… Right now, I’m on a waiting list because I didn’t submit my application on time… Not due to laziness, but because I had filled out everything except I hadn’t submitted an ID photo. I assumed that because I had submitted everything else, the application had gone through and I just had to upload the photo when I got it. Turns out I was wrong, because straight after uploading the photo, I got an email saying “Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, it is past the due date, so you are now on a waiting list.” So I am just on a waiting game now… In my opinion, the likeliness of my getting into the accommodation are quite low, so I am more likely going to Auckland University, but I would much prefer going to Waikato…


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