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New Years Resolutions | Auckland City Mission

So, I have completed this month’s part of Resolution 2. Worked at the Auckland City Mission’s Drop In Centre on Sunday making cups of coffee and tea for the people there. What surprised me is the number of people who dressed respectably – not that I am saying homeless people should be disrespectful or whatever, but I just expected them to be more like the homeless people who wear clothes that they haven’t washed in a couple months. More like the homeless people they show on news stories and the sort you would see in London. But they weren’t. Some even had iPods and cell phones. I know that a lot of them will be on the unemployment benefit, or have a job but not quite have enough to survive, but still, it didn’t seem right that people who could afford that technology would take from the city mission. Okay, so some might have stolen them, but I don’t really believe that homeless people all steal things. That’s a pretty big stereotype when there is such a percentage of the population who are homeless. In all honesty though, the people there were all very polite, all very pleasant, a lot of them were quite chatty. It was actually a bit of fun helping out there – the people were quite good company, and the DVD’s they were showing weren’t too bad. The Auckland City Mission is definitely an organisation I will try to do more for though – they do great work and really deserve all the help they can get. Later in the year I might volunteer there again, but I might go around other places first. Thinking about the Citizens Advice Bureau next month, but not sure yet.


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