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Exam results | NZ Breakers

So I got my exam results earlier today… I am very happy. I even got Achieved with Excellence in the Shakespeare standard, where I suggested the Iago in Othello was potentially a homosexual… Having said that, I failed the visual texts. Anyway, I managed to conjure up a merit endorsement, and 224 points for Auckland University, which should mean I have guaranteed entry to all four courses I applied to. Looking good for next year.

So, the Breakers took another home loss, and I saw hardly any of the game. Yes, I was there, but I was acting as body guard for Cheeky the Kea, the Breakers mascot. You see the person inside Cheeky (sorry kids, Cheeky is just a man in a suit…) is concussed… So he needed someone to make sure he was okay. This meant arriving at 5.30 as usual, and not sitting down until 10pm when I left – 4 hours 30 minutes of non stop walking… My feet don’t like being walked on now I have sat down… Looks almost impossible for the Breakers to get into the finals now, but let’s rip off a slogan here – Impossible is Nothing…. And in this case it isn’t, if the Breakers win every game, and Gold Coast, Perth and Townsville lose a few. Though everything will have to fall into place perfectly… But NEW ZEALAND CAN DO IT!!!<chant> BRRRRRRREAKERS!!!!! </chant>


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