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New Years Resolutions | Haiti Earthquake

Well, it’s official, I am doing volunteer work at the Auckland City Mission Drop In Centre, helping to feed people who are less fortunate. But I can’t help but think, the people I am going to help at this, how did those people get to where they are? How, as a society, can we stop this from happening? There must be a way. Okay, so economic theory states that if an economy is working correctly, it is not possible to make one person better off without making someone else worse off, but we do have market failure. It is almost impossible for a market not to. There should be no need for people to be in that position. Can we do anything? Surely having people sleeping on the street isn’t a positive reflection on our society. Anyone who has read The Host by Stephenie Meyer will remember that in the book, the soul society revolved around an almost communist society, where everyone had a Calling, which was basically the same as having a job. There was no need for money because everyone contributed to society, so people just took what they needed and gave what they could. Would that work as a society?

I ask everyone who reads this to put the people of Haiti in their thoughts and prayers. They are going through one heck of a rough patch having just had a massive earthquake. If you can give money to help them set back up, please do. If you can’t, at least put them in the front of your mind. They need help – let’s give it to them.


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