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Computer | Site Maintenance | Summer | Writing

Well, I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my PC. It went very wrong. I can’t connect to internet with it, because it can’t find the modem, so I rolled back to Windows XP Pro, but now I need to install McAfee again… 4 and a half hours in, it says 30 mins remaining – and that’s just for the compatibility checker. I might be spending a few days in front of the computer… Oh well, it will give me some time to read The Host. I’m about half way through. Stephanie Meyer really is an amazing author.

Because of my computer problems, it would be unrealistic for me to say I can do the site maintenance tonight, so I am postponing it until Monday. That way I can hopefully concentrate properly and actually get things done right.

It seems that Summer has just disappeared. Yesterday, I was swimming most of the day, today I sort of want to wear a jersey. But we have Global Warming of course. If this is warm…

I have decided to start writing some short stories. I will try to sell them on here, and see if anyone will buy them. Obviously, I will have some teasers so you can know what you are buying. The first one I am writing is called Retail Therapy.


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