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New Years Resolutions | Paramore | Free Wireless

So, this month’s part of resolution #2 is getting there – I need to send of forms to the Auckland City Mission so they can do a Police check on me :o. Hopefully we can make it next Saturday (16th or 17th?). I am hoping I can do each month at a different place. I might do some time helping at the Citizens Advice Bureau in February. In terms of resolution #1, I am almost a third of the way through The Host, so I should have the first of six done by the end of next week (maybe…). It really is an amazing book!

I just realised as I was going in to type this blog post up that it is less than 2 months until Paramore plays Trusts Stadium – and I can’t wait to be there! I sort of wish they had changed to Vector, because they can pack a lot of people in there, and that would make the atmosphere amazing, but the would involve doing refunds for tickets already bought and getting people to buy them again. That would be a pain D=

Oh, anyone on the North Shore looking for free wireless that is really good – try out Columbus Coffee at Smales Farm in Takapuna. It’s run by TelstraClear and actually works – unlike the North Shore Libraries wireless!


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