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2010 | Twitter Stream | Music Update | Breakers

So, 2010 is here. That means the website has been updated for you – a new look for a new year. This is what I call version 3 of the website (version 1 was the original Joomla rubbish that didn’t really work and version 2 was the red theme site). Hopefully 2010 goes better than 2009.

Also, the Twitter Stream seems to have the same problems it did before. I have emailed the guy who sorted it out before, and hopefully he can get on the case and get it sorted again.

It’s official. The first album will be called Un, by a vote on this site. 57% said Un, 14% for I and Daniel Farrell, and 7% said How I Wish It Didn’t Go and Inconspicuous Shrubbery. Those names will be considered for future albums. Thank you so much for the help with that.

And finally, the Breakers were tamed by the Blaze this evening over on the Gold Coast. Hopefully they can overcome the losing streak on Wednesday in Wollongong.

From me, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. I will update you on the resolutions I made in my last post. Just have a look at the New Years Resolutions page, which is a subpage of About Daniel. What were your resolutions? Tweet them to #fazastream – even though they won’t go on the site right now, they might soon, and I still have a look at that via Hootsuite. Happy New Year.


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