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Christmas '09 | New Years | Resolutions | 2009 Reflection

Well, Christmas is over for 2009, and we just wait now for 2010 to come and hit us. Christmas was quite good this year, which is surprising considering the past couple months haven’t been the greatest. Had a pretty good day though. I don’t think that it could have been better really. But now Christmas is over, we need to look at New Years. I did a little rant about Christmas and how people should calm down, so its only appropriate I do the same for New Years.

For most people, New Years is all about getting drunk. Is that really appropriate? I don’t know actual figures, but I would assume that it would be internationally one of the worst days for fatalities caused by drunk driving. With this New Years seeing us turning the page to a new decade, maybe we should consider turning the page into some better behaviour. How about we make New Years about being with family and friends, and having good times with the people around us, rather than getting as many drinks into us as possible. Let’s become better people and actually do something about this.

With New Years comes New Years Resolutions. I think everyone should have three resolutions – the first something personal that will make you a better person, the second should be something that you can do to help the people around you or the wider community and the third should be spiritual or another personal one if you aren’t a spiritual person. This is definitely the most important rule for resolutions – make sure they are achievable! DO NOT make it “I will quit smoking” when you know that won’t happen because it has been your resolution for the past 20 years. Make it something you can motivate yourself to do. My ones are:

  1. Read 6 books in 2010
  2. Do at least one piece of community work per month
  3. Go to Church more than in 2009

These follow the rules I gave above (underlined), and I hope to do these. Obviously, I will let you know how I go.

Well, its time for the 2009 reflection. I would do a reflection of the decade, but I can’t remember a lot of it.

January was really getting used to the fact my Mum had a heart attack and what that meant. She required a bit more help with things. One regret of 2009 is that I didn’t really do enough in that regard. February was the start of the end in terms of school. It was a bit of a shock, being the top of the pile. It also was a shock to realise that at the end of that year, I would be in the big wide world. February also saw the NZ Breakers get to the playoffs of the NBL for the first time. They weren’t there for long, only getting to the quarters, but they got there. March saw the first Model UN for 2009. That meant it was the start of the Model UN program at school. April was the school ball, which was one of the highlights of the year. April also saw the second UNYANZ Youth Declaration, where I got the chance to meet New Zealand’s Governor-General, Anand Satyanand and co-leader of the Maori Party, Pita Sharples. June saw preparations for the 10th New Zealand Model United Nations in Wellington, and July saw it actually happen. NZMUN was one of those events you know will be in your memory forever. The flight back wasn’t fun, but everything else was amazing, and I hope I can be involved in a role on the organisation side at some point. August saw my 18th birthday. September saw the New Zealand National Championships in Irish Dancing, which I didn’t compete in, but I did take part in. October was the one month where nothing really happened. That is another regret. It should have been when I started studying, but if I am honest, I didn’t really study at all until the last minute, and only for Calculus. I do regret that a lot. November saw my last school prizegiving, my last day of school ever, and my last high school exams ever. December saw me going into school for the last time – for this year. I know I will be back next year, but it was an interesting feeling to walk through those gates for the last time.

2009 was a very disorganised year really, and that is one thing I want (or rather, need) to change in 2010.

It is most likely that this will be my last blog post for 2009. I hope everyone who reads this had an amazing Christmas, and I hope you can take some of my advice. Good luck for 2010 everyone. I know I’m going to need it, but I thought I would share it with others – you probably will need it more than me.


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