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Christmas | Music update

Well, we are into the week of Christmas. All that means for me is people getting more and more stressed, with it culminating in further stress on Christmas Day. People need to chill out about Christmas. Yes, its a day to be with family, and for some people that is a bit stressful, but its also a day to be merry and have fun. Mostly have fun. I probably won’t end up doing it this year, but most years I have ended up down at a beach. It’s the way Christmas should be done here in New Zealand, but it often isn’t. And it should be the way it is done every. Okay, so not going down to the beach if its winter, but doing something that is enjoyable. Being inside eating Turkey and Ham and whatever else you have might be enjoyable for a little while, but its what you do after that which will make or break your Christmas. Go to any hospital and ask – they will tell you that more people have heart attacks and other similar ailments on Christmas Day than any other day of the year. Twelve months ago tomorrow, my Mum had a heart attack, and it really does mean that she won’t enjoy Christmas for a while. And while for her there was factors that I won’t be going into, for some people there really isn’t. Their lack of warmth for Christmas means they are not able to enjoy Christmas, because it scares the hell out of them – which is entirely understandable. Having a heart attack is a very unpleasant thing. So remember that when you are getting angry at traffic lights and stressing because the Turkey isn’t cooking quickly enough – it should be a time of great joy. Not only religiously, but also in terms of family. It’s a time when you can be thankful that you managed to fight your way through an increasingly dangerous world to see another Christmas, and remember the people who didn’t get to this point. Joy, thanksgiving and remembrance is what Christmas should be about at the very least. For some religion too, but that depends on what you believe.

Now, the music. I am going to record the video for the next song now, and upload it when I can. It might be a while until I can upload it though – might even be in the new year.


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