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Paramore | Christmas | Twitter Feed | Music Update

So, Paramore is now at The Trusts Stadium in Waitakere City. I don’t really care either way to be honest – its still going to be amazing to see Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore ripping it up. I am really looking forward to it. I just really hope they play Born For This and Looking Up – other songs I can leave or take, but those two are AMAZING.

I think its actually starting to feel like Christmas. It’s not feeling like Christmas should, but six days out, I am starting to realise it is Christmas. It might be something to do with the fact I am just really tired. And the fact I’m annoyed that I left it too long before getting work…

Now – the Twitter Feed. It worked for a little while this afternoon. However, it isn’t now. It’s not my browser, because I have tried it in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer to not avail. I am working with the guy who makes the plugin to see if we can get this sorted, but right now, we have nothing.

Now to the music.. I have said on the Facebook page that I will be bringing out a new video soon. It will come, but right now I am a bit ill, and it means my voice isn’t great. When my voice is good again, I will record the video then upload it when I can.


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