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Job Search = epic fail | Paramore | Christmas

Well, I have done my job search…. And failed at my job search…. I went to 10 different places, 3 took my CV and said we’ll get back to you when we’re hiring, and 1 said you need to apply online. Another one said come back in January. So 5 straight no results… Or rather lack of results… Not happy… But oh well – I was listening to Paramore before, so I’m happy.

What I’m not happy about though, is the fact that Paramore’s Auckland concert is being moved to another venue, they won’t say where, and they won’t say if we need to organise new tickets… It is more than slightly pissing me off… Though I must say, I hope they are moving to Vector Arena. It’s actually quite a good venue. Just as long as my tickets are on the bottom and I don’t have to pay more…

It still doesn’t really feel like Christmas. As I was walking past shops looking for work, I saw Christmas stuff, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas… 10 days to go 😛 Definitely is Summer though 😀


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