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The NBL | Christmas | Job Hunting | Music Update

The Breakers managed to get an away win last night – I actually don’t remember them having one yet this season, but they may have had the one other than this. But either way, they had an amazing fourth quarter, which gave them the win. They are now fifth on the ladder, but can they take out the championship? They can, but its going to be difficult after their last two home losses. However, I think that they are very able, and should be okay.

I was watching TV earlier, and I realised something – there’s all the Christmas advertising at the moment, but it really doesn’t feel like Christmas right now. It could be because I’m not going back to school next year, but I really don’t know… It’s sort of like with exams earlier in the year – it didn’t seem like exams were going on… This year has been a bit weird like that…

Anyway, now school is done, I need to find a job… Tomorrow, I’m probably going out to get one… Not too sure how successful I will, be but I have a pretty good CV (I hope), but I will definitely tweet some updates.

And finally, music update. I literally have nothing yet. I’m going to start writing soon, but I have just had too much on recently. But I have nothing until mid January now – unless I do get a job, obviously. And remember – you only have until the end of the month to vote in the poll for the album name.


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