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KP IS BACK!!! | Last day of school | Site Maintenance Update

Well I am SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! Kirk Penney is playing on Thursday! It’s about time. He might not make a huge difference this week, and he probably won’t get a lot of game time, but by next week, I would think he will be back in his stride.

And then its a week until I am officially an old boy. Last exams are also on Thursday, but I have to go back on the 4th for leaver’s certificate and doing my English Speech… (not looking forward to that…), but then I AM FREE!!! (Anyone keen for drinks  on Friday night in town?? :P)

Now, I think it is appropriate that I announce that Friday’s site maintenance will be big… I have a team, and we are going to work offline on it so that it shouldn’t be too much of a drama when I pull it down for maintenance, but it still is highly dramatic… Lots of code changes which might screw up. If they do, the entire site may be down for days… will try to back up first, but might not work…


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