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Well, I realised after the game tonight that the Breakers have won every game this season that I have been at, and lost every game that I haven’t been at… So I thought I would try use that to my advantage… See the email below:


I am not usually the superstitious type but this seems to be far beyond a coincidence… I have been to all home games this season except one, and no away games. The one home game I missed was against the Blaze on November 5th – the one home game you have lost. Surely it is far from coincidence that the 5 games I have been at you have won, and the five games I have missed you have lost. So in the interest of the team, I am willing to offer myself as a support person to the team at any games (away games after 26th of November). That way, I will always be there, and you will always win. Surely that makes me a great investment for the team.

Failing that, I would be more than willing to volunteer on home games – I will be at the game anyway, so I might as well help out. So if you need more volunteers, I am your man.

Oh and that was an amazing win tonight! Even with the ref supporting the Wildcats at times!

How much are we betting that I won’t get it?? Lmao


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