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Welcome to The House of Faz

Well, this is sort of version four of my website/blog. The first two version were on the domain I used to own, daniel-farrell.com. That seems to have been taken over by one of those landing pages with random searches. That’s okay, given I don’t want it anymore. I moved to WordPress.com in June 2011 in order to save money on the domain registration and web hosting. It’s been here ever since.

Follow me on Twitter, and visit my political blog, Politicalisation.

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New Website!

This is the last post that will be put up on this blog, because I now have a NEW WEBSITE!

My blog is now integrated with this website – danielfarrell.co.nz.

So, stop wasting time here and head over to my new website!

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NBL 2013/14: And so we wait…

I’m not going to deny, I love the NBL. What I don’t love, though, is not knowing what’s going on. This offseason, we’re seeing some really major changes to the NBL. We may see new teams in the mix. The NBL is demerging from Basketball Australia and being handed to the clubs. But what we don’t know is what’s happening. Continue Reading »

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The legal system didn’t fail Trayvon Martin – society did

Before I go any further, I want to make a couple things extremely clear. Firstly, I think the death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy that borders on a travesty. Secondly, I do feel that Zimmerman is guilty by the letter of the law. Continue Reading »

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4 life lessons we can learn from Tetris

I have been playing Tetris for the past hour or so, and for some unknown reason, that got me thinking about life lessons we can learn from Tetris. And yes, it genuinely was unknown. No drugs or alcohol were consumed before writing this post, however it is 4am which may have contributed to this. So here we go – 4 life lessons we can learn from Tetris. Continue Reading »

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An open letter to the Sensible Sentencing Trust

To the Sensible Sentencing Trust, it’s officers and members;

This morning, I was looking through the news as I do most mornings. I came across an opinion piece by Marcus Elliott on the New Zealand Herald website about your new website, Judge the Judges. Looking through both his comments and the website itself, I am entirely disgusted by the existence of such a inherent attack on our justice system. Continue Reading »

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Your bio – probably just as important as your content

You get car insurance in case anything goes wrong. You should probably have some “social media insurance” too.

When it comes to personal social media, you see a lot of people with really non-existent bios. Facebook is (usually) not so bad, because most of what you say is shared only between people you know, but Twitter is a very public medium. Continue Reading »

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Tax returns – come on, do it yourself!

It’s that time of the year again. You’ll have seen ads on TV telling you that you could be owed a tax refund and the best way to do it through a particular website. They’re wrong. Continue Reading »